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I have some JIS hardware....for more information about JIS Hardware click here

I am not done with it but to get to a web page for the hardware I am selling click here

I got a bunch of Kawasaki spokes to get rid of... only up to about 10 of each... not enough for a full wheel but if you only ned a couple for replacements

I also have these "kits" for building a disk brake rear end

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The distance from the inside of the brake rotor to the inside of the sprocket is 5 7/8" (in other words the sprocket centerline would be right at 3 inches from the centerline of the wheel)  I'll sell the whole kit Hub, brake disk, caliper, a sprocket, spacer for between the wheel bearings and mounting hardware for $175... you'll have to supply wheel bearings, the rim, the spokes (Available from Buchanan Spoke and rim, a master cylinder and any other spacers needed. Note that this is do-it-yourself kit and I give no guarantees as to how it will work in your application..  

I also have these parts for making a front brake setup...

PC010006.JPG (204885 bytes)

Also, I just picked up this Yamaha... I'll probably sell it once I get it cleaned up a little

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