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Here are some pictures of the motorcycles I currently own:

BMWR100RS.JPG (54296 bytes) 1992 BMW R100RS

 Kawumph.jpg (468320 bytes) the "Kawumph" a '78 Triumph T140 Motor in an '83 Kawasaki Ninja Frame

 DSC00105.JPG (2120501 bytes)DSC00106.JPG (2030889 bytes)1974 Kawasaki H2 750

RD250 Left side 1.jpg (645541 bytes)RD250 Right side 2.jpg (731414 bytes)1973 Yamaha RD250

73CL100.jpg (83677 bytes) Honda CL100 Actually, I no longer have this. I recently sold it... And got a second 1973 RD 250. I started work on it ... right now it looks like this:

Part taken to powdercoater.jpg (422357 bytes) Plated some parts for it Zinc plated parts_0002.JPG (122064 bytes)


Currently I am also working on These two projects:

 H2 13.JPG (694752 bytes)H2 14.JPG (672697 bytes)H2 15.JPG (729126 bytes)3 sidecovers 1.JPG (271579 bytes)Side cover.JPG (141881 bytes)

'72 Kawasaki H2 750


the Guzzi-in-a-box, a '75 Moto Guzzi 850-T that I bought in a bunch of boxes...

Here is what it looked like when I got it in 2001

PC170005.JPG (271807 bytes)PC170009.JPG (271302 bytes)PC170006.JPG (264549 bytes)PC170012.JPG (262454 bytes)

Here are some pictures as I worked on it

Guzziinabox4.JPG (82772 bytes)Guzzi seat.JPG (174092 bytes)

Dec 2006

PC300002.JPG (677816 bytes)PC300003.JPG (701259 bytes)PC300004.JPG (664727 bytes)PC300005.JPG (748904 bytes)Guzzi 9.JPG (663583 bytes)Guzzi 11.JPG (681193 bytes)